Yeah, when i was young went with a buddy to smoke pot. Was hitting the bong
when a little girl, like 2 walks in. I try hiding it, but theyre like "its
ok, she always hangs out" or something like that, i left. Turns out this
little girl is the mom. Garbage in garbage out

On Sun, Apr 15, 2018, 12:29 AM Josh Reynolds <> wrote:

> A lot of people have a poor sense of responsibility that ends up with them
> having kids, often at a young age.
> Unfortunately roughly half, based on my experience, never grow into that
> responsibility.
> Then their kids do the same, etc... Shitty cycle.
> Props to you for trying to do the right thing here.
> On Sun, Apr 15, 2018, 12:00 AM Steve Jones <>
> wrote:
>> You folks get my vent because i cant anywherr else. So like 7 years ago
>> we took in my old ladys nephews because, well fuckwit parents. FYI the
>> foster care system is aweful. We fostered them for a year and half while
>> her brother and baby momma sorted their shit, or so we thought. The 18
>> month old at the time had a club foot, i had to build a sleeping rig with
>> some shoes with the ankles hooked together and the toes locked outward with
>> a ruler, i worked his legs in and out til his hip popped one night, i
>> thought i broke his hip, but it was just something going back. The 4 year
>> old you couldbt understand cause they thought baby talk was cute so they
>> never taught him to speak. We fixed that, and that was the least bad of the
>> fuckery. This was me, the old lady, a1,2,4,and 5 year old with our 2 in a
>> tiny 2 bedroom.
>> Finally got these boys shaped up and bought a house for room, and a week
>> later they gave them back to the mom. The old ladies brother never did what
>> he was supposed to.
>> Now today was their grandmas (my old ladies step moms) funeral, so whats
>> this trashcan do? Gets arrested for selling fucking meth
>> So dealing with all that comes with a funeral, we had to be late dealing
>> with the child services people. Get all that squared away, get through the
>> funeral and now find out we also get the joy of headlice.
>> Seriously, fucking shit fuck. How do people do this shit to kids, theyre
>> not just a thing you have while doing other things.
>> Im not lawfully allowed to discuss any of this with anyone who is
>> remotely involved, i figure none of you are.
>> But seriously, what the fuck, you get your kids back and sell meth. And
>> theyre already asking if they sign their righys if they can see the kids
>> still.
>> I have very few skills, and none of rhem involve the ability to not want
>> to feed these people lead

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