I Free-CFJ the following: "Agora is a Person"

Grat. Arguments:

R869 says "Any organism that is generally capable of freely
originating and communicating
independent thoughts and ideas is a person."

There is no mention that the independent thoughts and ideas that are
originated or communicated need to be from this "person" themselves. With
that known:

Agora originates the thought of Agora itself (as its current being - a real
thing). If it didn't exist, we wouldn't be able to think of
Agora-the-real-thing as we do now.

Existing as it does now _initiates_ the process of creating the thought of
acknowledging that it exists, therefore it fulfills the definition of
"originating" that thought.

There is no extraordinary restriction to how Agora performs this feat,
therefore, Agora freely originates the thought of Agora itself.

Agora is a communication system, evidenced by this mailing list and R101.
It communicates (without extraordinary restriction) our own independent
thoughts and ideas, by merit of being a transportation system of those

And so, Agora does in fact freely originate independent thoughts/ideas (in
other entities which are capable of such) and communicates thoughts/ideas
(from others). Agora is a person.

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