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> On Wed, 15 May 2019 at 20:22, ais...@alumni.bham.ac.uk
> <ais...@alumni.bham.ac.uk> wrote:
> > Translated to English, this states that the email should not be
> > considered valid if the Subject fail was modified in transit. Of
> > course, the Subject of the email actually was modified (by the list
> > software, inserting the BAK:), so the message fails to verify. The
> > cryptography behind DKIM can't detect that a message is "almost right",
> > it's just a simple pass/fail (in particular, the recipients can't
> > distinguish an entirely forged email from an email that's correct apart
> > from the subject line).
> I think I've seen some mailing lists rewrite every message as being
> "from" some email address under the list's control, which I'm guessing
> would fix the DMARC issue. Are there significant disadvantages to
> that? I guess it makes it tricky to figure out how to reply in
> private; is there some way to work around that via a reply-to address
> that wouldn't also make it tricky to reply to the list?

Sure, it would fix the DMARC issue, but it would also make it very hard to
tell at a glance who sent which message. Modern mailers have a lot of
features for that, but they’re all based around the from line.



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