I honestly don't know, and would be somewhat curious about what links others
might provide. Discogs maybe? Although I'm not at all sure they provide this

However you can go into winamp for instance and manually edit the id3 tags,
and also edit the filenames accordingly. I know you probably want a quicker
solution, but that usually works for me, anyway.

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I have a double disk album called "The Ella Fitzgerald Collection" and when
ripping disk 1, all fine, tracks numbered and titled, album titled and
ripped successfully. Second disk, same album, "unknown album" "unknown
artist" and "track 001" . . . 00n!

I threw it at Winamp still no joy.

Can anybody please supply links for other than CDDB (I think it is) where
this may be completed?

I am using PowerToGo for ripping, which came with my Windows7 system.


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