Hey Colin.

I used to be able to manually get information from CDDB. Not sure you can do
that anymore. There are music archive sites you can go to to get full track
listings. Then you just copy them into your programme of choice. Yes, it's
not automatic, but not so bad unless you're ripping an entire collection at
once or something.

I use sites like metal-archives.com, progarchives.com, and the jazz music
archives (for which I can't currently remember the url) to do this
currently, when I have to. I don't have any working eyes, either, and I
still rip CDs at least a few times a month.

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I mentioned in my original email, I am using a program which came on my W7
machine, called PowerToGo8.

In what JM Casey suggested, no good to me, I need some eyes to read the
tracklist then I can correct the tracks, no eyes to hand.

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