No I’ve not tried the Zoom H6 with an iPhone.
For those who want to give it a go you’ll need the Apple Camera Kit for 
You will also need to ensure that the battery of your iPad is near to fully 
charged before you start as the Zoom H6 by default draws current from your iPad 
though you can change this so that the recorder uses its own battery power.
Voiceover doesn’t interfere with recordings made from the Zoom H6 Interface and 
neither it should as its a completely different audio path.

> On 25 Dec 2018, at 11:23 am, Hamit Campos <> wrote:
> Well there's always the H5. The H6's little sister. How much smaller it is 
> I'm not too sure. On that note though. Have you tried the H6 just for grins 
> and giggles with an IPhone? I know it works with IPad. But I don't have an 
> IPad. How does it take to the fact of Voice Over being on?
> On 12/24/2018 7:19 PM, Dane Trethowan wrote:
>> Since we have a good Christmas discussion going regarding Zoom recorders and 
>> accessories I thought I’d throw this one into the hat to see if anyone could 
>> provide further information or at least comment.
>> I use my Zoom H6 as an audio interface with my iPad Pro and it works 
>> incredibly well.
>> I have no complaints but I do wish there was another device out there which 
>> was a bit smaller and would allow me to do line-in recordings as the Zoom H6 
>> does if I have the standard X/Y capsule fitted which has a line-in facility.
>> I’ve looked up audio interfaces for IOS using Google and all I seem to come 
>> up with are microphones or interfaces that allow one to use their favourite 
>> XLR microphones which isn’t what I’m after.

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