Hi there,
I’m about to post some more motes on the Zoom F8N which may help you.
I too will be keeping my Zoom H6 as its such a wonderful piece of kit.
You can use the Zoom SH6 etc capsules on the F8N and I have done so Today.
The Zoom F8N is the highest quality recorder I’ve ever used going all the way 
up to 192KHZ and I’m not sure of the bit rate exactly but I think it may very 
well be 32-bit.
Anyway look for my iMail which should be completed in a few minutes.

> On 10 Jan 2019, at 11:15 am, Andy via Groups.Io 
> <meikle.aiden=btinternet....@groups.io> wrote:
> Hi Dane and others on this list.
> Sorry I've not contributed much to this thread for quite a while but personal 
> circumstances have forced me to do other things.
> Firstly, Dane, I'm delighted you have also got an 8n.  As far as I know, 
> that's 2 of us so far on this list!.
> There is a significant difference however, wheras you seem to have a much 
> better grasp  than I, in what you are doing, probably based on more years of 
> audio recording, I'm one of those guys who buy an H6 get it set up and press 
> one button to get what I want through the X Y or Side clip on mics.
> I understand that the 8n has capacity for doing stuff that would keep all of 
> us engaged for many years,  but all I'm looking for at this time is the 
> ability to record a sterio track at the finest quality I can possibly achieve.
> So I'm talking about a point and shoot high quality recorder.
> More experienced members may be thinking of using combinations of line in and 
> XLR and good luck to them, but for me, If I have been asked to record a quire 
> , or a pub band, I can usually get very good results using my H6 with clicp 
> on's.
> I'm confident that I will be able to do the same with the 8n, though already 
> accept that because of it's size and weight, it's unlikely that I will be 
> able to tramp the streets of Glasgow, recording street bands and buskers. 
> Therefor, I've already decided to keep my H6 for out of door podcasts and 
> only use the 8n for studio or indoor, pub and table-top recording situations.
> Not too bad a compromise giving the quality of the H6.
> Along with my 8n I also purchased the adaptor, which would allow me to use 
> both my X Y and Side angle clips, but it's not quite as easy as that.  I had 
> also to purchase a 15 foot XLR cable and as the adaptor weighs over 2 Lb's, 
> the whole kit would come in at about 20 Lb's.  Not too easy for portability.
> I did buy the audio bag from Gear 4.  The price was £89.00 but as I purchased 
> a returned item, I got it for £60.  Never-the-less, I find the bag too bulky 
> for walking the streets and that's withought the adaptor, or taking into my 
> consideration, just how I'm going to be able to manage my Guide dog!.
> I'm going to make a rediculous statement here, buy stating that by far, the 
> very best recordings of out of door podcasts, that I've ever made, was and 
> still is, using, whait for it, a pair of BSM 9 binaural  microphones going 
> through  an old Olympus DS 50!!!  Strange but very true !
> With respect to getting a grasp on the geography of the 8n, I think there has 
> never  been anyone to compair with Neil Ewars, so with that in mind, I've 
> decided to pay my local bar-made some cash and instruct her to describe, 
> through my DS50, the right, left, top and bottom as well as the front and 
> rear sides.  To assist her she will have all the paperwork that came with the 
> 8n and if all goes well, I'll get her again, to venture through the menue 
> system.
> Just a number of some of the many thoughts and fantacies that are waiting out 
> there for us to challenge.
> So all the very best and be minded, I'm listening to every word you and other 
> list members are making conserning this thread. and I'll pass onto the list 
> any recordings the bar made may come up with.
> Very best wishes for 2019 from Scotland with love.
> Andy Logue.
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> Subject: [all-audio] Zoom F8N Notes
> Hi,
> I received my Zoom F8N today and yes I’ll probably need a bit of help to get 
> the machine going but after that I don’t think I’ll have too many problems.
> Firstly level adjustments it seems are controlled by analogue dials, one dial 
> for each track.
> These dials have pointers so you know what position they’re adjusted too, 
> halfway is completely vertical.
> The track selection keys are marked by a series of small dots each.
> Turning the recorder on and off is different from all Zoom recorders I’ve had 
> in the past and is achieved by means of a small button in the bottom right on 
> the control panel which is rather cramped and contains quite a few buttons, 
> dials and knobs so if you have big fingers this may take a little getting 
> used to.
> The sight of the F8N was somewhat of shock and is unlike all other Zoom 
> recorders I’ve seen.
> The F8N is in a complete metal housing and reminds me of a small car radio in 
> shape similar to the one’s I used to mount in car dashboards when I was 
> working at Hillman Spares all those years ago.
> The design is straight forward, the front panel being taken up by the display 
> on the left and the control panel on the right.
> On each side are the various XLR/TRS inputs, outputs, USB socket and SD card 
> slots.
> On. The back are 2 BMC sockets and the Zoom Capsule connector along with a DC 
> input for the supplied power adapter and battery door screw.
> The Battery door opens on the bottom of the recorder for the insertion of 8 
> AA batteries for portable use.
> The F8N sits proudly on a desk or a table curtesy of the 4 square rubber feet 
> in each  corner.
> So that’s as far as I’ve managed to get at this stage and I’ll write more as 
> I progress.
> **********
> “And pray that there’s intelligent life somewhere out in space cause there’s 
> bugger-all down here on earth”
> **********

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