> From: Clemens Ladisch via Alsa-user 
> Paul D. DeRocco wrote:
> >  options snd slots=snd-soc-hifiberry-dacplus,snd-usb-audio
> >
> >   midiC0D0              a USB MIDI device
> >   midiC1D0              another USB MIDI device
> >   pcmC2D0p and pcmC2D1p on-board crappy PWM audio
> >   pcmC3D0p              Hifiberry DAC
> >   pcmC4D0p              HDMI audio
> Show your entire alsa.conf.

I did. The one-liner you just quoted is all I used to need. The
three-liner just added some test stuff to prove that modprobe was
installing drivers.


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