Paul D. DeRocco wrote:
>> Anyway, that slots options specifies only two slots.
>> If you have five devices, it's a better idea to specify five slots.
> What I have is three devices that always exist, one of which is the
> Hifiberry DAC that I want to use, and the others are the PWM audio and the
> HDMI audio. Then there are the unknown number of MIDI devices that someone
> might plug in. I tried specifying various cards_limit values.

cards_limit is not related with that.

> I tried the following, and nothing changed:
>   options snd cards_limit=8 \
>     slots=snd-soc-hifiberry-dacplus,vc4,snd-bcm2835,snd-usb-audio

Are these drivers actually compiled as modules?
Are the names the same as in /proc/asound/modules?

> This is really behaving as though "snd" isn't the right device name to
> address the slots option to.

Check in /sys/module/snd/parameters/slots.


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