Paul D. DeRocco wrote:
> Does anyone know the name of the Raspberry Pi HDMI sound device? udevadm
> info shows a driver name of "vc4_hdmi" and an id attribute of "vc4hdmi".
> lsmod only lists "vc4", nothing else with "vc4" in it. alsamixer shows
> "vc4-hdmi". None of these names in the slots option made any difference.
> When I read /proc/asound/modules, I get this:
>  0 snd_soc_hifiberry_dacplus
>  2 snd_bcm2835
>  3 snd_usb_audio
>  4 snd_usb_audio
>  5 (null)

Looks like a bug in that driver.  (I don't know how the ASoC framework
handles this.)


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