Paul D. DeRocco wrote:
>> Paul D. DeRocco wrote:
>>>  options snd slots=snd-soc-hifiberry-dacplus,snd-usb-audio
>>>   midiC0D0              a USB MIDI device
>>>   midiC1D0              another USB MIDI device
>>>   pcmC2D0p and pcmC2D1p on-board crappy PWM audio
>>>   pcmC3D0p              Hifiberry DAC
>>>   pcmC4D0p              HDMI audio
>> Show your entire alsa.conf.
> I did. The one-liner you just quoted is all I used to need.

In theory, it should not be possible for snd-usb-audio to grab the first slot.
Are you sure there isn't any other "options snd" line in some .conf file?

Anyway, that slots options specifies only two slots.
If you have five devices, it's a better idea to specify five slots.


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