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On 04/10/18 19:07, Chuck Pergiel wrote:
Two files, one from Serena on SDA4 (alsa-info.txt.jfxzBmEr4z) (sound works
        and one from Sylvia on SDA2 (alsa-info.txt.Atoe6woJ8h) (no sound)

You are using the Linux 4.4 LTS series. Probably your problem is fixed in the current Linux kernel 4.16.1, and the fix wasn’t backported yet.

I do not know, if there are such packages for Linux Mint. Maybe something similar to [1] can be done for Linux 4.16.

The other two options are to build the Linux kernel yourself – `make bindeb-pkg` in Linux’ source directory – (only doing this for ALSA is possible too, but more involved), or to try some live system with a current Linux kernel.

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