On 2/14/2018 1:48 PM, John Rose wrote:
P.S. I posted another version that takes a slightly different
tack on the restriction of "cannot begin with a backquote".
It basically lifts the whole design of Markdown code quotes.


The inclusion of RawSP means that you are fully delivering on your trailer from Jan 30: "Spoiler: I think I can prove that Markdown code quoting is appropriately minimal in its design, in a way Jim's is not."

Let me first recognize the power of RawSP in lifting TWO restrictions: cannot begin with a backtick, and cannot end with a backtick:

  String s = ``Hi `Bob```;       // Error, unbalanced delimiters
  String s = ``Hi `Bob`` + "`";  // OK
  String s = `` Hi `Bob` ``;     // OK with RawSP trick

However, since the JEP's goal is to allow copy-paste of arbitrary text without interpretation, I think the RawSP trick of assigning meaning to whitespace is out of place. To most people, the raw string literal:

  ` and `

denotes a perfectly good five-character string that will probably be inserted between two other strings. Explaining that, no, it's really a three-character string will not be popular.

Also, the inclusion of RawSP makes the lexing of RawStringLiteral ambiguous, since RawStringBody allows opening and closing whitespace. No doubt this can be fixed with rules involving "If the first character after RawSP is a backtick ...", but now being like Markdown is getting expensive.


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