On Sunday 10 January 2010 17:32:22 nexbug wrote:
> Users reporting that the notification lights are not working as on
> earlier devices(let alone LED color customization). Have been chasing
> around trying to figure this out until i realized none of the apps are
> showing the flashing notification which we have all come to expect on
> the device. Not even SMS messages.
> I am sure the dog-fooders used the phone long enough to notice that
> the typical flashing notification light on top never seems to light up
> for notifications. Maybe its only to indicate charging..
> While the pulsing trackball is nice, it is not as noticeable, and its
> colors cannot be manipulated.
> (of course unless i am missing something very obvious)


> -g
> On Jan 10, 8:18 am, vorcigernix <vorciger...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Whole idea of having google "superphone" and write some main parts of
> > OS as closed source bits for that device is flawed from beginning.
> > On other hand, if your code works on 2.01, then it should work on
> > nexus (except that hw related things). I am missing some big notice on
> > developers page month before, saying : "There will be phone with major
> > market penetration, which uses 2.01; fix your apps guys"
> >
> > And..android was never a real opensource system. Google is kind to let
> > us access parts main parts of OS, that's it.
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