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>>> Op 17 feb. 2016, om 17:18 heeft Stefano Cordibella
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>>> Hi list,
>>>   is there someone interested at the Webmin porting in the Angstrom
>> distribution?
>>> I think that a web panel for configure various aspects of the system could
>> be a nice feature.
>>> Now my focus is on the net configuration module, and I think that could be
>> quite easy to add an Angstrom module or extend/patch the current one in
>> order to integrate it into Angstrom. Unfortunately I don't know perl, but I 
>> will
>> be happy to collaborate on this task.
>> FWIW there’s already a recipe for it:
>> http://cgit.openembedded.org/cgit.cgi/meta-openembedded/tree/meta-
>> webserver/recipes-webadmin/webmin/webmin_1.750.bb?h=master
>> I don’t know how that behaves at runtime, but it’s a start.
> As you say it is a start but it needs work, lots of it.
> I got Webmin working in my project, at least partially. That is it works well 
> enough for me, but it could do with spending more time on it than I really 
> have.

It looks like you’re of to a good start.

> You can look at 
> https://bitbucket.org/cbrx-fw/meta-cbrx/src/eb0f6be6e167380efe91b66ef5e49fa0d70b433b/recipes-extended/webmin?at=camol-3.14
> You probably should ignore all the stuff in the cbrx directory as that is 
> specific to my project, ie patch 0016-.. onwards and 0014... as well.

I actually like the LED patch very much!


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