Thank you guys!

I forgot to say that the net module don't recognize Angstrom as a valid distro and fall back to a debian like management that search for /etc/network/interfaces file.

I will try the Andrew's solution. But I don't want to use connman in my image because I think that it add some complexity to my simple scenario... I wish to use the systemd-networkd to manage the network as explained in this post:
I just want a fixed IP in the image and a simple way to change it form a web panel, like every commercial modem/router...

Thank you again for your help,

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> >Hi list,
> >    is there someone interested at the Webmin porting in the Angstrom
> >
> >I think that a web panel for configure various aspects of the system could
>be a nice feature.
> >Now my focus is on the net configuration module, and I think that could be
>quite easy to add an Angstrom module or extend/patch the current one in
>order to integrate it into Angstrom. Unfortunately I don't know perl, but I 
>be happy to collaborate on this task.
>FWIW there?s already a recipe for it:
>I don?t know how that behaves at runtime, but it?s a start.
As you say it is a start but it needs work, lots of it.

I got Webmin working in my project, at least partially. That is it works well 
enough for me, but it could do with spending more time on it than I really have.

You can look 
You probably should ignore all the stuff in the cbrx directory as that is 
specific to my project, ie patch 0016-.. onwards and 0014... as well.

The interesting stuff though is the support for Connection Manager in the 
connman directory. This was the largest area of work for me to make Webmin 
useful on Angstrom. It is however very far from complete. It does at least work 
well enough to be able to set major network parameters such as DHCP or static 
IP addresses and host names.
You will 
  as well in order to get the dBus calls to work.


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