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> I forgot to say that the net module don't recognize Angstrom as a valid distro
> and fall back to a debian like management that search for
> /etc/network/interfaces file.
> I will try the Andrew's solution. But I don't want to use connman in my image
> because I think that it add some complexity to my simple scenario...
> I wish to use the systemd-networkd to manage the network as explained in
> this post:
> http://www.toradex.com/community/answers/1064/view.html
> I just want a fixed IP in the image and a simple way to change it form a web
> panel, like every commercial modem/router...

Well I don't think my recipe will help really in that case. You may as well use 
the one Koen linked to. That one is at least using a more recent version of 
Webmin. You are going to have to write your own network configuration code in 
either case which may well be better based on the real Webmin code rather than 
my unfinished Connection Manager code.

> Thank you again for your help,
> Stefano.

You're welcome.


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