Hi Guys,

I am new to Angular and so please excuse if my question is too basic or 
asked in a wrong way.

I need to find a way to optimize Search screens where the data in tables is 
huge and its expansive to get data from database. The application is 
Angular 2+ .Net rest API which are using Entity framework to get data from 
sql database. Current implementation is to hit database for every 10 
records, and additionally hit database for getting search count so first 
time it hits twice. every 10 records, it hits the database for next 10 
records for advancing each page. 
I am hoping for an alternative approach where I could get say 1000 records 
at once and store them locally to show 100 pages (10 records each), and 
only moving to 101st page, it should go and hit database to get another 
1000 records based on search parameter ofcourse. I am looking for the right 
way of doing this. any guidance will be appreciated.


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