There are no wildcard searches. The search is based on selecting proper 
values from over 12 dropdown list. Sql Server is the database. I dont 
really have an issue except that i dont like current approach of hitting 
database for every 10 records. I want to be able to hold 1000+ records in 
memory and show those spread in 100 pages - 10 records per page. and if 
user wants to see more, then again hit the database to get another/next 
1000 records. 
Front end is Angular, which is calling .Net Rest APIs. These APIs connect 
to SQL via Entity Framework 6. 

On Thursday, 8 August 2019 00:19:41 UTC+5:30, Tito wrote:
> Answer this first. 
> 1. Are you doing any wild card searches.  
> 2. What backend is it?
> Your issue most probably is not angular. Sounds like backend issue

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