Hi guys,

I am kind of new to Angular and working on already developed Angular 2 + 
.Net Rest API project. There are quite a few search screens in my project 
which are getting page by page records. Rest API are getting data from SQL 
using entity framework. based on search parameters, the record count can go 
upto 2 million but getting 10 records at one time is slow for two reasons - 
1. the data in table is a lot (over 5 millions ) , 2. Hitting database for 
every 10 records do not make sense. 
So I want to change all the searches. My idea is to bring about 500 (or 
1000) records at once, and persist those records locally somehow. Instead 
of hitting database on every 10 records, I would like to let user move thru 
all 500 records ( 50 pages of 10 records each), then hit database for next 
500 records. I want to find out whats the best approach for doing this in 
Angular 2.

any guidance will be appreciated.


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