Its a search based on parameters selected by the user. There are about 10 
parameters. Not all searches lead to 2 million but worse case scenarios 
does. It uses restful API to pull records based on offset so it fetches 
only 10 records at a time based on page user is on and if user has clicked 
next or previous. Problem is hitting database on every 10 records. 
I would like to get about 1000 records at a time and then cache them 
locally somehow so I can use those to traverse thru those records without 
hitting the database. In return, this would substantially reduce the 
database calls. As I am new to Angular, I am not aware of possible features 
that can help me to implement my idea.

Pls suggest if you can think of something.


On Wednesday, 7 August 2019 17:37:14 UTC+5:30, Tito wrote:
> Out of the 2 million records which ones are pertinent to the user?
> What kind of searches are you doing? Wildcard ```like '%search term%'

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