On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 02:08:20PM -0500, Michael Richardson wrote:
>     > Nancy mentioned other 802.11 options beside SSID, so maybe we should
>     > gate a decision to adopt any such work to the WG having sufficient
>     > understanding of what the existing options in 802.11 are that
>     > we could leverage without having to extend 802.11. Maybe we could
>     > draft Nancy or some other 802.11 expert to give a summary to the WG
>     > (802.11u eg.).
> I'm willing to listen to ideas, but I'm afraid of going down the IEEE hole 
> here.

Maybe i was unclear. I think we should just know the whole slew of tools 
from 802.11 that we can use without changing 802.11. I only know SSID/ESSID, so
i try to figure out how to abuse oops: well use them. Nancy pointed to more 

>     > Aka: selecting the best SSID in face of competing offers
>     > multiple or single AP is the type of work i think we should
>     > give some tthought to. Ideally something extensible
>     > where we can in the first spec get away with a most simple
>     > start but will have forward compatibility with later
>     > updates/extensions.
> your suggestions are inline with what I was thinking.


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