Hi there,

I'm new to the Animata world and my background is in theatre and literature.
I'm pretty good at picking up new tech but I'm not a programmer/digital
creator normally so I apologize in advance for how basic my questions might

The project I am working on is to create a physical (real-life) puppet with
projected facial expressions that I want to control using the knobs on a VJ
mixer (or something similar). E.g. if I turn the left eye knob to the right,
the left eye looks to the right. If I turn it to the left, the left eye
looks to the left. Vice versa for the right eye. Additionally, there would
be 2 knobs to control left and right eyes to look up or down.

This seems entirely possible but I don't know how to hook up Animata to
receive signals from the VJ mixer. I think I'm supposed to use OSC or
something but again, I don't know how.

If anyone can help me with this, I would be happy to create some user
documentation to add to the site... Or any thing else that I can help with,
in return.

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