On Tue, 2011-04-12 at 18:52 -0400, Helen Yung wrote:
> Hi Metehan and Alpay,
> Thank you for the speedy reply. I'm sorry, I am using a MIDI
> controller. It's a Remote Zero SL. (Not a VJ mixer? I called it that
> because it's what I see VJs using, but I guess it's properly called a
> MIDI controller.)
> I want to use the fader knobs on the MIDI controller to control the
> left and right, and up and down movement of the puppet's eyes. Alpay,
> how do I convert the MIDI signal to OSC and set up that UDP
> connection?
> Metehan, thanks for the OSC links. I should mention that I am on a PC.
> (Sorry.) If I must, I could borrow someone's mac but that would
> greatly reduce the amount of time I would get to practice with the
> rig, so I'd rather do it with my PC. I didn't see a PC version of
> Osculator, though they are discussing it on the blog...
> I do have an iphone 4 and I think the OSC touch interface is very cool
> but I think the tactile feel of the physical MIDI controller would be
> helpful for a beginner like me.... 
> Thank you!
> Helen

Pardon, I didn't read the whole thread, but maybe this could help:


I didn't read this ;) :

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