On Monday 07 July 2003 10:39, you wrote:
> According to Zoran, using Tcl_RegisterChannel and Tcl_UnregisterChannel
> (both with the NULL interp as argument) doesn't look very good.
> On my personal experience, I didn't have any troubles using this command,
> but the "close" problem I related few days ago that is not important for me
> as I open a socket forever.

Ehm, not only that... There is an inherent problem (non MT-related)
in Tcl channel handling code with:

    Tcl_OpenFileChannel(interp, fileName, mode, permissions)

This function trashes memory when feeded with NULL interp.
According to its manpage, the interp is optional and can be
given as NULL if one needs no fancy error reporting if the call
fails. But, if actually used this way, it brings problems.

I'm not sure if AOLserver is using this call this way. I have to
go thru code and find out. I'll also have to find out why is this
happening. It so subtle, that even Purify can't pinpoint any problems
(very strange indeed).

It seems that there are more surprises in the channel handling code
than I expected....


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