On Friday 04 July 2003 12:00, you wrote:
> Hi Zoran,
> I checked the "ns_chan" implementation.
> I found that you can share a TCL channel across interps and threads (the
> channel is registered in the NULL interp), but you cannot unregister the
> channel from the NULL interp. There is no option on the ns_chan command to
> do that.
> So, what I understand is that the shared channel will be opened forever..
> Am I wrong saying that ?
> If I am right, so trying to unregister the channel form the NULL interp
> crashes TCL. That is the bug I actually have in my module.
To be honest, I havent look at the implementation yet.
It seems to me that I should do this soon. I will keep you
informed about my findings. Thanks for reporting this one.


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