On 2005.02.28, Eric Lee <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >From my post this morning, which I was not able to render as a table:
> Browser  ACCEPT_ENCODING  off/Disp:len  on/Disp:len
> IE 5.5  gzip, deflate  yes:247 no:210
> IE 6.0  deflate  yes:247  yes:247
> If this means IE6.0 does not accept gzip, is there something else
> ("deflate") it does accept?

Yes, from what you observed it appears your IE 6.0 only supports the
"deflate" encoding and not the "gzip" encoding.  AOLserver 4.0.10
currently only supports "gzip" but it's not very hard to add "deflate"
encoding support.

Rather than continue to muddle with the 4.0.x tree, I'd like to get
everyone to start playing with and testing the 4.1.x tree (what's
currently CVS HEAD) on your dev. environments and file any bugs against
it so we can get it closer to release.

Jim Davidson is still sitting on a bunch of changes to the conn handling
stuff and I have a feeling as time passes he's touching more and more of
the code ... so we might see another large check-in from him before
4.1.0 is ready.

-- Dossy

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