> On 2007.08.02, Tom Jackson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>Should I step down as project
> leader and let someone else take over?  The irony is that the title
> really doesn't mean much at all.

I suspect that you simply don't understand what it means in the context of
a community-based open source project.

It doesn't mean that you arbitrarily make decisions quietly and then go
implement them without discussion with the community.

Please share with us YOUR definition!

> So, in the spirit of open source software meritocracies: please place
> your money where your mouth is.  Come up with a list of actionable
> changes you'd make if you were king.  Lets hear it--and if everyone
> agrees to a particular change, we'll declare it made.  (Note: declaring
> anything to a volunteer-driven organization doesn't guarantee that
> anyone will actually do it.)

The graceful thing to do would be to say "I fucked up, sorry, there was no
malice on my end, it was a simple mistake and I take responsibility for
not communicating my ideas to the community before implementing them. 
Let's move on!"

But your use of the word "king" makes me think you don't really quite
understand the role, unless you're thinking of a king working in a
parliamentary government.

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