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> I was reading some discussion in AOL mail group on memcached & Bas pointed
> out the http://www.outoforder.cc/projects/libs/apr_memcache/ as his choice

> Same kind of discussion was also going on
> http://openacs.org/forums/message-view?message_id=285980 & the person tried

Vlad Seryakov wrote a nsmemcache module for Naviserver which can
probably be ported to work in AOLserver too with modest effort:


I've never used any of these, but if I needed memcached support from
AOLserver, I'd probably try, in this order:

1. Vlad's nsmemcache first.
2. Write my a Tcl interface to apr_memcache or whatever other existing
   C code API looks good.
3. Finally, if I wasn't happy with any of those, implement the
   memcache protocol myself from scratch, in Tcl and/or C.

> I found one more thing which is called "Accessing C library functions using
> Critcl" http://wiki.tcl.tk/11227 so thought that I should start using this
> library for memcached but confused,

I haven't tried CriTcl either, but I don't see any particular benefit
to using it for this.

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