On 18/12/2007, at 1:11 AM, Andrew Piskorski wrote:
1. Vlad's nsmemcache first.
Glancing through the code, it looks like quite a good implementation and very clean/readable. (i.e.: easy to improve upon further) My preference would also be to have a 100% AOLserver module; the socket API is just so nice.

2. Write my a Tcl interface to apr_memcache or whatever other existing
  C code API looks good.
That has the advantage of having a mature advanced library (dynamic server add/remove, pooling) but the good ones all seem to use more external dependencies that I'd like.

3. Finally, if I wasn't happy with any of those, implement the
  memcache protocol myself from scratch, in Tcl and/or C.
The only downside I see to Tcl is that it is hard (impossible?) to do pooling, creating more network overhead on both the client and the memcached. C will probably be the best bet.

So my preference would be Vlad's module too right now. In fact, I'll probably have a play with it soon as I do have an actual use for it myself now.


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