On Monday 05 May 2008 19:45, Bas Scheffers wrote:
> On 06/05/2008, at 11:44 AM, Tom Jackson wrote:
> > The main thing you need with a mashup is data. Without that, there
> > is nothing
> > to mash.
> And much of that data is in XML and tdom runs rings around any Java
> XML implementation, though not sure about the ones in PHP, Perl, etc
> which are also likely to be C based. (I am currently profiling and
> optimizing a car rentals aggregator site, which does tons of XML
> parsing and creating. Its all in Java and its not pretty; sooo slow
> and with enormous RAM requirements)
> Has anyone used TclSOAP? And compared it in performance to Java SOAP
> clients?

Have you not used the twsdl/TWiST API? Sorry, only server at the moment, 
although you can build a client with the API.

I have some benchmarks on AOLserver, for a simple service which uses all 
layers, but doesn't hit a database, 300-350 requests/sec.

If you are doing document creation, you can do this pretty easily, you define 
your XML-Schema type, and then you can create the type by just supplying 

Example Services:


Config files which create the above services:


Current code:


tom jackson

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