On Tue, 2008-08-19 at 18:25 -0700, John Caruso wrote:
> On Tuesday 05:59 PM 8/19/2008, Juan José del Río wrote:
> >If you don't want to deactivate it, and have some C skills, I would
> >recommend you to make the needed changes to fastpath code to enable it
> >to use the kernel facilities of the operating system (in case you're
> >using linux, then that'll be "epoll" system call; in FreeBSD case it's
> >kqueue; etc.).
> This is an interesting suggestion, but from a 
> quick scan of the epoll man page it doesn't look 
> like it would work in this case since it acts on 
> an open file descriptor, but fastpath associates 
> file data with a (dev, inode, mtime, size) tuple 
> without keeping an open file descriptor (and it'd 
> be pretty wonky for AOLserver to keep open file 
> descriptors for all files currently in the fastpath cache).
> No matter, though, we've got plenty of 
> workarounds, and we'll probably just disable 
> fastpath entirely since the benefits are likely vanishingly small anyway.

Sorry John, i said "epoll", but i meant "inotify".

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