Titi Alailima schrieb:
This sounds like the problem.  Not a bug with fastpath, ....
Come on folks, the discussion wether or the behavior shown by John Caruso
is a bug or not is completely fruitless. Most aolserver users are not novices,
and if it takes some of us several weeks to find, what the problem is,
we should act and not insist, that it is no bug.

In my opinion, switching the caching index from inodes to file names (like in windows) is a very reasonable solution getting rid of most problems (although less cache efficient).

It would be additionally a nice feature to provide a configuration option for getting
back the current behavior (for people with tons of links). This option would
guarantee backward compatibiity. This way, one could savely let fastpath
switched on by default.

-gustaf neumann

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