John Caruso wrote:
BTW, Jeff, the scenario you'd outlined that you thought would trip this up...:

   13:50:21 - create file
   13:50:21 - serve file (gets cached)
   13:50:21 - delete file
   13:50:21 - create file again (reuses inode)
   ... time passes ...
   13:55:11 - serve file

...actually wouldn't, because the file would NOT be cached in the second line. The whole point of this strategy is that a file won't be cached if it's been modified within the threshold time (2 seconds in the patch above).

Fine, then change that first timestamp to 13:50:18 (say if you ran another external program after creating the file but before serving it that took more than 2 seconds, or if your external program backdated the file mtime.) It's still a race condition that you'll hit if all the stars are in the wrong place. And it still hurts the optimization of using a 404 adp page to generate a heavyweight file only once that gets cached.

If your patch solves your problem, that's great, and that's the whole point of OSS. But it does nothing to solve the problem generally and has negative side effects, so I think it would be a mistake to add it to the general distribution.


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