Alexey Pechnikov wrote:
I did try to use nssqlite module but get segmentation fault errors. In AOL server 4.0.10

# tail -f /var/log/aolserver4/
 “db_foreach “select value from session” {
 alloc: invalid block: 0xb4cf5378: 78 b4 20

AOL server 4.5 doesn't work with PostgreSQL (nspostgres module produce segmentation faults of AOL) and I can't use this. I did read code nspostgres and didn't find any problems... but this code doesn't work. I'm work with PostgreSQL 8.1 because PostgreSQL 8.3 in debian lenny has datatype errors.

Did you rebuild nspostgres against 4.5 (or better yet, cvs HEAD)? I'm fairly certain that I've used nspostgres with 4.5.

I also recall fixing at least one segfault in nssqlite3, although that had to do with releasing a handle that had never been selected on. Or in other words, make sure you're using the cvs HEAD version on that too.


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