On Sunday 01 March 2009 04:37:44 Don Baccus wrote:
> nspostgres works fine with both aolserver 4.0.10 and 4.5.  It's used  
> in production at education sites with tens of thousands of users  
> running aolserver/postgres-based e-learning software.

AOL Server 4.5 doesn't work with PostgreSQL 8.1 on my debian etch and lenny 
boxes. May be it works with PostgreSQL 8.3, I don't know. I think this is 
problem of debian AOL Server build or PostgreSQL build.

> So Jeff's suggestion of rebuilding against 4.5 is a good one.
> What kind of datatype errors are you getting in PG 8.3 in debian  
> lenny?  I use PG 8.3 w/o problems, but must admit I've built mine from  
> source.

offline1=# select '1'=1;
(1 row)

offline1=# select avalue('a 1','a');
(1 row)

offline1=# select avalue('a 1','a')=1;
ERROR:  operator does not exist: text = integer

As I did find in google the problem is resolved in PostgreSQL trunk but debian 
lenny build doesn't fixed now.

Best regards.

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