On 5/9/09 5:14 PM, Jeff Hobbs wrote:

The last known OS thread-safety call issues in 8.4 were with
gethostbyname, et al and corrected for 8.4.14 (Y2006).  The checks for
calls like localtime_r have been in since longer.  Assuming strftime is
mt-safe, all is ok (the man page is silent on that, but it does print
into a passed in buffer).

I haven't looked at Tcl 8.5 source, but has "clock ... -gmt" been fixed so that it doesn't diddle with env(TZ) any more, which isn't thread-safe. I remember that there's Tcl mutexes around the env(TZ) diddling, but that isn't safe when an application embeds Tcl and modifies env(TZ) as well but doesn't have access to the mutex that Tcl's "clock" is using.

I was hoping that newclock addressed this, and newclock is in Tcl 8.5, right?

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