On Sunday 10 May 2009 20:05:24 Dossy Shiobara wrote:
> On 5/10/09 9:59 AM, Alexey Pechnikov wrote:
> > On Sunday 10 May 2009 15:48:21 Gustaf Neumann wrote:
> >> Try in an aolserver script:
> >>
> >>     set ::env(LANG) C.UTF-8
> >>     ns_log notice "START of times [::ns_http_time 0]"

This return bad result too:
"Notice: START of times Thu, 1 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT"

> Alexey,
> Have you confirmed this through empirical testing?  There is a 
> difference between the locale that the system libc functions use (i.e., 
> env(LANG)) vs. what AOLserver's encoding is set to (through the config 
> .tcl ns_params).

Any UTF-8 locale is correct for non-english languages support. For example I 
can use 
en_US.UTF-8. (Note: PostgreSQL user account must have utf8 locale!) I did have 
problems with old AOL versions but now this work fine. I'm prefer to start AOL 
ru_RU.UTF-8 because executing of external application may need in russian 

Best regards, Alexey Pechnikov.

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