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Thank you very much for the very detailed explanation! I'm going to do a little "web-training" about presentations. And I'm very bad to templating, I will kindly accept the ASF ones :) Can also I ask here for templates or will be they accessible from another resource?

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Il 11/10/2016 14:51, Rich Bowen ha scritto:

On 10/10/2016 06:53 AM, andrea wrote:
Hi all,

I'm new to ApacheCon world and I have few technical questions and I hand
them to your kind attention:

- about the speakers: are there some common templates to use for
presentations? Where can we find them?

Usually a member of the community provides AOO templates for the
presentations. Most people don't use them. There's no rule here.

- are there some "rules" or directives on how to write the presentation?
While we have, in the past, had conference talks about how to give
conference talks, there are no rules, other than try to give a great
talk that will be beneficial to your audience. Consider who your
audience is likely to be, and give them what they need, without a lot of

Oh, and no sales pitches. That's a pretty standard rule.

If you Google "presentation skills" and click on the videos tab, you can
learn a *lot* in just a few minutes of watching. I find the most
important thing to think of as you write your talk is, who is the
audience, and what do they need to know.

- What is the time available for every speaker? I would not want to do
wrong assumptions about this starting from schedule :)

You have roughly 45 minutes. Your total time is 50, but we encourage you
to leave some time for questions.

If you want to practice your presentation ahead of time, practice in
front of a camera, and then ask here. Someone will be willing to review
for you. If you want to practice on-site before your talk, we will have
rooms available for that. (Or, at least, we usually do. People very
seldom take advantage of that.)

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