Dear Apertiumers,

After intense work during last year's GSoC and the following months, I'm
glad to announce that the apertium-eng-cat pair, currently in
apertium-incubator, is finally testvoc clean and ready for trunk. This is a
rewrite and a replacement of the original English-Catalan (en-ca) pair,
which was becoming increasingly out of date and hard to maintain.

The new pair includes everything the old pair did (rule-wise), but has a
considerably larger dix (~65,000 stems) and features several innovations
compared to what we had before:

* Lexical selection rules (mainly eng>cat)
* Perceptron tagger for English
* Constraint Grammar
* Apertium-separable module

These changes are important not only because of the improvements, but also
because Java compatibility cannot be kept (as with apertium-fra-cat). As
there is no possible fallback mode in the new pair until these modules get
ported to Java or a different approach with C++/Java is taken, the best
idea could be to temporarily use the old pair as fallback for the new one.

I will keep doing my best to improve the quality of this pair and use it as
a test bench for innovative modules and development approaches.

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