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> What kind of lexical coverage do Google/Yandex have ?
> This text shows about 98% coverage for Google and 97% coverage for Yandex,
> based on words left untranslated.

But I think these coverages are not comparable to the ones in Apertium,
where we count as uncovered mostly proper nouns that often don't have to be
translated. How you you compare Apertium's and Yandex's or Google's
coverages, Fran?

By the way, Marc, you said that

I have not really evaluated translations from Catalan (most of the
>>> development has taken place in the other direction), but it should be
>>> more or less the same as the old pair.
I bet it is not. At least for French-Catalan the translation from Catalan
is a lot worse than the translation from French. Among other things, that's
because this side is much harder because of the personal pronouns. It is
not very difficult to delete them from French, but it is very difficult to
add them (only if needed) from Catalan. With a shallow syntactic analysis
it is almost impossible. There are lots of problems because of that from
Catalan to French. Often the subject pronoun in missing or, on the
contrary, it is added when it should not.
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