Am 23.01.2013 10:12, Jürgen Schmidt wrote:
> feel free to join the project and help to improve things like the Python
> support, or improving the basic IDE. Remember volunteers are working on
> the code base and you can't force them what they should do.
> It's funny that people request and take more than they gave back. Really
> if you think certain areas of the program need improvements please join
> us and help to improve it.
> Wake up this project is not longer driven by one single company but by
> individuals. All project volunteers have to take action if they want to
> help to make the project better and successful. Don't wait that other do
> it for you.

Obviously, you do not know who Bernard Marcelly is. He contributed to
the project for a whole decade.
Without his outstanding contributions nobody could make any sense of
this ugly API beast.

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