On 1/23/13 3:08 PM, Bernard Marcelly wrote:
> Message de Jürgen Schmidt  date 2013-01-23 10:12 :
>> exactly and that means a minor code change and a rebuild. If this kind
>> of cleanup changes are not allowed with a major release than we do
>> something wrong. You should not forget the benefit for new developers
>> that we want to reach. A cleaner and better API is much easier to learn
>> for them. Existing developers will have no trouble with adapting the
>> changes but all new ones will benefit.
> If you were reading real user questions in forums you would be appalled
> by the low programming level of those wanting to automate tasks, whether
> in social clubs, small businesses, administrations and even big
> companies. They are often non-programmers, or young trainees, that
> create applications that become indispensable. Don't suppose that they
> have time and knowledge to quickly debug a program that used to work for
> months or years. It will be hard for them to find out which change
> happened in the API and how to modify.

if they are not maintained or if the code is not available anymore it's
more a question of time until they won't work. They probably work more
by luck.

> If you think that these changes will make the API easier, you are wrong.
> OpenOffice API is and will remain huge and complex for the casual
> programmer, because it was created by highly qualified programmers, to
> be understood and used by their peers; contrary to VBA that is customer
> oriented.

yes I believe that these are minor step towards better APIs. If we would
have the power and resources to change many old style services into new
ones with supporting multiple inheritance interfaces many API could be
simplified a lot.
And I think we have to start to do this stuff and major release can be
used for this kind of changes.

>> On 1/23/13 9:36 AM, Bernard Marcelly wrote:
>>> There is not enough good designers; better spend efforts on correcting
>>> reported real bugs, or on useful improvements (e.g. a real integration
>>> of Python into OpenOffice, like Basic; or add the new dialog controls in
>>> the IDE toolbox).
>> feel free to join the project and help to improve things like the Python
>> support, or improving the basic IDE. Remember volunteers are working on
>> the code base and you can't force them what they should do.
>> It's funny that people request and take more than they gave back. Really
>> if you think certain areas of the program need improvements please join
>> us and help to improve it.
> I know my limits. I don't have the knowledge to modify OpenOffice code
> and don't like C++ as a language.
> I can say that I have given back a lot since 2003. Up to now 275 bugs
> reported; thousands of answers in users-fr, prog-fr mailing-lists,
> french and english web forums; corrections/improvements in the Wiki
> Dev'Guide and Basic Programming Guide; a french book of 900 pages
> demystifying OpenOffice programming; several free tools that help API
> users.
> I am not the only one with such background, others have done same in
> other countries/languages. I am just giving my advice: you are on the
> wrong path.

I meant really on the development level not the other areas you have
mentioned. These are of course also very important areas where people
help a lot to grow the eco system.

Don't get me wrong I appreciate this kind of work a lot.

If we don't change things and improve certain areas over time I will
lose my motivation to work on this code.


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