Yes, first saw it in nectarine mid-September two years ago. Very ripe, but
intact fruit still on trees. SWD love damaged peaches, try to get them all
picked before they get too soft. I was in a peach orchard recently where
the grower had too many peaches to sell. Many soft ones left on trees, and
many on ground -- loaded with SWD. This year has been like nothing I've
ever seen with these little guys...


On Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 1:10 PM, Glen Koehler <>

> Case in Maine that appears to be SWD attack on intact peaches without
> splits or other prior wounds.  These peaches were ripening on the tree but
> not over-ripe and no splits etc. for easy drosophila oviposition without
> having to cut through skin.  Until now it seemed that SWD could only lay
> eggs in peaches with pre-existing wound.  Have other folks seen SWD
> infestation of intact peaches?
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