Virgina Spys? That is a new one on me. Northern Spy? Good luck, notoriously late bearing as you may already know. I don't think having them on M.9 even helps. (Although it can't hurt!)

FYI, you can see the wire limb benders in action that Mo Tougas speaks of here:


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My experience is that in Virginia Spys are late producers. Scoring really works. There are more and less severe scoring, you might want to try several types on some limbs. The least severe is one cut around the trunk under the scaffold limps. The most severe would be to remove about 1/8 inch section. Some remove a larger section and replace it upside down. It is most important to cover any such wound to keep it from drying and from fire blight. I have used several layers of masking tape. It will come off by itself later. One or two weeks after bloom is when I have made the scoring.
Good luck, you can really get their attention with scoring.
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In a message dated 3/10/2009 4:00:47 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes: Would someone care to divulge a recipe for getting slow-to-bear varieties into production sooner. I have Northern Spy in mind using Ethrel or NAA or combinations. Apogee perhaps. Other techniques?

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