Hi Maurice
To my knowledge there is no translation of the book. Since the concept was 
created in our orchards here in Lanxade Centre (near Bergerac South West of 
France), I shall be able to answer all questions.
The first rows of this training system were planted in 1995 for better access 
to fruit, since we were hosting a robotic harvester program at that time. Then 
the robotic program fell down, too much cost, too poor yield, then we decided 
to go on with the orchard.
Jean Marc Jourdain
Centre manager
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Does anyone know of a translated version of "Pommier, le Mur fruitier"?

I am intrigued by the concept of this system after having traveled to Belgium 
last week scouting visits for the IFTA study tour this summer. We saw example 
of orchards trated with this system, and will be visiting them in July. The 
above publication appears to be the best coverage of the system I've seen.

Alas, mon papa is no longer with me to help me with this.

Maurice Tougas

Maurice Tougas
Tougas Family Farm
Northborough,MA 01532

Maurice Tougas
Tougas Family Farm
Northborough,MA 01532
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