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> if three people can't keep things on
> topic there's no wonder there's sometimes very much OT material on the
> mailinglists. Hmm... perhaps I'm worse, I always tend to go OT in some way
> - this is OT isn't it? ;-)

  I have tossed this up on AVA, and would like input from other users
of the list...
  For myself (and others?) the list is a big message board. Scan the
Inbox and view the topics of interest and trash the others. Perhaps for
many purposes a MessBoard would be better?
  Though some do have trouble with the web, I believe the interface, if
properly designed, would require fewer bytes. 
  For example... A web page displaying all topics less than 
[user input] days old. Checkboxes next to each displayed topic. Check 
the desired ones and hit enter. A script could then generate a streamlined 
download... Rather than 30-40 e-mails a day, whether of interest or not.
  Who could write such a script? hmmm... 
Maybe AVA could use a new page? hehe <G> 

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