On 8 Aug 2000, at 16:59, Pete wrote:

>   For example... A web page displaying all topics less than 
> [user input] days old. Checkboxes next to each displayed topic. Check 
> the desired ones and hit enter. A script could then generate a streamlined 
> download... Rather than 30-40 e-mails a day, whether of interest or not.
>   Who could write such a script? hmmm... 

hmmm indeed...

> Maybe AVA could use a new page? hehe <G> 

Well, I did see a CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network) thing to 
download mail from a POP server. I could set up a free POP account 
somewhere and get it from there...

But how many sites already archive the list?

BTW I would like to rename AVA (Arachne.VirtualAve) to something like 
Arachne Fan Club. Would anyone have any problems with that? The address 
and everything else will remain unchanged.

Ben Hood, Arachne Fan Club Webmaster

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