On Wed, 09 Aug 2000 01:25:40 -0500, Samuel W. Heywood wrote:

> On Tue, 8 Aug 2000 19:23:05, Dale Mentzer wrote:

>> I mostly enjoy
>> the freewheeling nature of this list. I think it contributes to our
>> sense of community, something I don't get on a moderated list.

> Hello Arachnids:

> For the benefit of those who are not aware, this is a moderated list.
> I remember an incident that occurred a couple of years ago in which
> the list moderator kicked a subscriber off the list.  The offender had
> become involved in a flame war with some other list members.  He was
> disrespectful and he used abusive language in arguing with the others.
> Everyone else on the list approved of the action taken.  I do not recall
> who the list moderator was at the time.  The list member who got banned
> was producing a most detrimental effect on our sense of community.

Thank you very much for reminding us. :-)

I must admit to part of the blame for "the incident".
(I did quite a little bit of "fanning the flames")

I think we've all grown-up a little bit since then.

Some of the newer members might wonder: "Who is moderating the list now?"

Well, I think that most of us here would agree that we seem to doing
quite a good job of moderating ourselves.
(and when need be, I'm sure that Michael would step-in) :-)

 Now, so that this isn't completely off-topic.

We have now confirmed that v1.6* will only send to the first address on
any of these lines....

(BCC: can be added into an Arachne .TBS file with a text editor and CORE.EXE
 will send to that address also)

 Untill we find the cause of this bug and get it fixed, we can compensate
by using the "@list" function.


Create a file in your Arachne main directory.
(the extension is optional. "list", "family",
 "friends", "anyname" will do just fine)


(each address on it's own line)

Now, use "To: @list.txt" and the message will be sent to all of the
addresses in list.txt

You may also place the file in some other directory and use it's
complete path........"To: @\addressb.ook\anyname"

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