On Thu, 22 Sep 2016 18:51:11 +1200, Jason Ryan wrote:
>On 22/09/16 at 08:47am, Martin Kühne wrote:
>>On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 7:58 AM, Ralf Mardorf wrote:  
>>> Everybody is able to participate at the Arch wiki...  
>>Ralf touches a very intriguing argument here, which might just boil
>>this thread down to "telling others how to structure their wiki"...
>The Installation Guide is one of the few pages on the wiki that are
>locked and can only be edited by the staff. Changes can be made by
>gathering a consensus on the Talk page.

I provided the link


by my post


That the installation guide is immutable IMO isn't an issue. If
somebody should notice that something important is missing or hard to
understand, simply log in > click "discussion" > click "+" and add a new
section. The page is immutable, but participating in maintaining it
anyway isn't hard to do.

What happened to the beginners guide and especially the reason why it
happened was explained.

The wiki page and discussion histories show that nearly each day people
care about this page. It's anything but orphaned, so if somebody is
aware about issues that should be considered, then participating in
the discussion makes much sense.

The discussion on this list with unrelated comments, e.g. about people
who don't know what desktop environment they prefer, is useless.

"What happened to the Beginner's Guide?" is a valid question. This
question is answered.

Now there might be valid reasons to improve the installation guide and
the best way to address this, is participating to the wiki discussion.

Even if all subscribers of this list should agree that the installation
guide needs improvement, progress only could happen, if at least one of
us should contribute to the Wiki discussion.

FWIW I'm not annoyed by this thread, if I would, I simply would
ignore the thread. Since I had nothing to say to this topic, I didn't
participate. However, now I have something to say that is related to
this topic.

_There is a straight way to help improving the installation guide._


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